Transferring Courses From Other Schools

To get course credit transferred from other schools, you need to submit an official transcript to the KU Office of Admissions and Scholarships.

A course from another college or university can be assigned transfer credit in one of two ways. It may be listed as equivalent to a specific KU course, in which case it satisfies any requirement satisfied by that KU course. Alternatively, it may be listed with a department name, but no course number. In this case, it counts towards your credit total, but does not satisfy specific course requirements. You should talk to an advisor if you feel that a requirement should be waived because of course work that you have taken elsewhere.

You can check how your particular courses will transfer at the KU CredTran Web Page. The information there is provided as a guide only. The KU Office of Admissions and Scholarships will determine the status of your transfer courses, based on your transcript.