Advising/Math Placement

Several Mathematics Department faculty are designated as undergraduate advisers for our math majors or those students interested in majoring in math. It is best if you see an adviser early and consistently as you make progress towards your degree. This is especially important if you are double majoring. Contact the Mathematics Department office (405 Snow Hall, 785-864-3651 or for referral to an adviser, if you do not already have one. If you already have a good working relationship with a faculty member, ask if he or she can serve as your adviser.

 Jayhawk Academic Advising gives current KU students a one stop access for academic advising.  Undergraduate students seeking academic advising can either schedule an appointment through their Jayhawk GPS App or go online, or call 785-864-2834 or go to Summerfield Hall room 315.  There are also options for walk-in advising. 

Math Placement

For students who do not have prior college credit in mathematics courses, initial placement is determined by Math ACT or SAT score. See tables below. If you believe that you should start in a more advanced mathematics course, you can take an ALEKS Placement, Preparation and Learning (ALEKS PPL) Math assessment.

College Academic Advisor

  • Barbara Higgins-Dover


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Math Placement

    Test ScoreEligible to Enroll in Mathematics Courses
    ACT: 28-36
    SAT: 660-800
    ALEKS: 76-100
    MATH 101, 103, 104, 105, 115, 125*, 365
    ACT: 26-27
    SAT: 610-650
    ALEKS: 61-75
    MATH 101, 103, 104, 105, 115, 365
    ACT: 22-25
    SAT: 540-600
    ALEKS: 46-60
    MATH 002, 101, 104, 105
    ACT: 16-21
    SAT: 460-530
    ALEKS: 30-45
    MATH 002
    ACT: 0-15
    SAT: 200-450
    ALEKS: 1-29
    see note below

    **It is not possible for students to place into MATH 116 or 126 with ACT, SAT, or Math placement exam scores.

    AP Credit: Students who have taken an AP exam should consult Admissions Student Exams for the credit awarded. 
    Students with credit in MATH 115 may enroll in MATH 116, 125 or 365 (see note below concerning trigonometry); students with credit in MATH 125 may enroll in MATH 126 or 365.

    For information on the courses, see Mathematics Course Descriptions.  


    • MATH 125 (and 116): MATH 125 and MATH 116 assume basic knowledge of trigonometry. KU offers MATH 103 for students without a previous course in trigonometry or a precalculus course covering trigonometry.
    • Honors Courses: Students with the appropriate course background and a Math ACT score of 34 or higher (or 32, if a member of the University Honors Program) are eligible for the honors calculus courses, MATH 145, 146, and 147. (Corresponding Math SAT scores are 780 and 760.) Contact the Mathematics Department for permission to enroll. 
    • KU does not offer a course below the level of MATH 002. Students with an ACT score of 15 or lower or an SAT score of 410 (old SAT) or 450 (new SAT) or lower may not be adequately prepared for any KU mathematics course. Students are advised to take preparatory coursework at a community college before enrolling in a KU course.
    • Students will NOT be permitted to enroll in a KU mathematics course (or any course that has a math class as a co-requisite) without a qualifying ACT/SAT score, AP Math credit, or ALEKS placement score. In particular, students who do not report an ACT/SAT score (or qualifying AP credit) are required to take the ALEKS placement exam prior to enrolling in a KU math class.