Faculty Positions

Job searches for Academic Year 2023-2024.  Applicants should apply at employment.ku.edu. Click on Faculty Jobs and search for 'math'.

Department Chair and Full Professor

Assistant Professor of Combinatorics

Visiting Assistant Professor of Computational Math

Visiting Assistant Professor of Analysis, PDEs, or Dynamical Systems

Available positions will be posted in MathJobs.org.

GTA Appointments

Are you a KU graduate student from another department or a Math MA student who would like to be considered for a Math GTA position? If so, please submit this webform.

Student Jobs

All applicants must fill out a KU employment application.  Click on Student Jobs and search "math".

Student hourly positions are available for paper graders and Math 002 or 101 tutors/classroom assistants. 

Applications are usually taken in July/August for fall positions and in December/January for spring positions.