STEMTeach KU grade school students


Careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) all require creative thinking and leadership. STEMTeach KU is designed to fit the unique needs of STEM majors in a way that develops their ability to be leaders in their field. In this program, students can pursue a teaching license alongside earning a degree in one of several STEM fields.

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STEMTeach KU can help you plan your journey to graduation. A STEM degree plus teaching license provides a bridge between education principles and STEM expertise. That means your degree planning should include STEMTeach KU advising, departmental advising, and university advising. We can all work as a team to find a pathway to graduation that fits your unique needs.

Participating students complete their BS or BA in mathematics along with STEMTeach KU coursework. This coursework fits within each degree program to provide focused preparation specific to science and mathematics education content. The result is a deep, thorough understanding of the STEM discipline and a solid foundation in educational practices. The skills acquired through STEMTeach KU come without any additional time added to the degree plan!