Graduate Research Workshop in Combinatorics

June 17-28, 2019

Department of Mathematics

University of Kansas

Participant Site

Important Announcements - Problem Group Summaries.  Go to the problem group summaries folder.  Then do the following:  (0) look at the sample summary provided; (a) download the latex file; (ii) write a group summary (one per group!!); (3) create a subfolder for your group in the problem group summaries folder; (d) place the LaTeX and .pdf versions of your summary in your folder.  

The Graduate Research Workshop in Combinatorics (GRWC) is an annual two-week collaborative research workshop for advanced graduate students and postdocs from all areas of combinatorics. Participants work in small collaborative groups with faculty and postdocs on research problems from across the discipline. The workshops also host a variety of professional development workshops to prepare students and postdocs for industrial and academic careers. Participants have come from institutions around the world.

Generous support provided by the National Security Agency, National Science Foundation, Combinatorics Foundation, Elsevier Mathematical Sciences Sponsorship Fund and the organizing institutions.


Local Coordinator

Organizing Committee

The organizing committee of GRWC consists of a group of combinatorics faculty from organizing institutions located in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains region. Their names, affiliations, contact information, and research interests are given at the GRWC home page.

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