I-70 Algebraic Geometry Symposium

November 11-12, 2017

Department of Mathematics

University of Kansas


This conference is the second in a series of four weekend Algebraic Geometry Conferences that will be held in the Fall of the years 2016-2019 at the University of Missouri, University of Kansas, University of Missouri-St Louis and Washington University, respectively. The conferences aim to provide a forum for Algebraic Geometers in this region to meet with colleagues and learn of recent research developments in the focused areas. The focus area of this conference is Birational Geometry of Varieties and Counting Problems.

The conference will provide lodging for two nights for as many participants as possible. Priority will be given to participants who have no other federal support and participants who are students, post-doctoral scholars, or members of groups that are under-represented in the mathematical sciences.

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, and the Department of Mathematics at the University of Kansas.


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