CAM Seminar

September 30, 2020

Agnieszka Miedlar, University of Kansas.

Title: A Rational Approximation Method for The Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problem

Abstract: In this talk we discuss a method for computing eigenvalues and eigenvectors for some types of nonlinear eigenvalue problems. The main idea is to approximate the functions involved in the eigenvalue problem by rational functions and then apply a form of linearization. Eigenpairs of the expanded form of this linearization are not extracted directly. Instead, its structure is exploited to develop a scheme that allows to extract all eigenvalues in a certain region of the complex plane by solving an eigenvalue problem of much smaller dimension. Because of its simple implementation and the ability to work eciently in large dimensions, the presented method is appealing when solving challenging engineering problems. A few theoretical results are established to explain why the new approach works and numerical experiments are presented to validate the proposed algorithm.

CAM Seminar Fall 2020