You need to drive in to Memorial Drive to be in the back of Snow Hall where the Math. Dept. is located.

Park where it says "loading zone" facing the back of the building. You can stay there for 15 minutes only.

Get inside and you'll see in front of you Room 120 Snow, where the Prairie Analysis Seminar usually takes place. There is also an elevator on the right after you pass the soda machines. Take the elevator to the fourth floor. As you walk out of the elevator turn right and follow the hall until you find the Math Office #405 at the other end of the building.

If you cannot park in the loading zone behind Snow Hall, park in any other space on Memorial Dr., or go back on Memorial Dr. and you'll see at the west end a large parking lot (B in the Google map.).

If your visit has been planned in advanced you'll get a parking permit to put back in your car. You can then park on Memorial Dr. (but move it from the loading zone) or any other place that says blue, red, or yellow parking permits (you cannot park on the front of the building Jayhawk Blvd or at meters.). The parking lot at the west end of Memorial Dr. (B in the map) is your best bet; if not try by the stadium (C in the map), and enjoy your walk up the hill!.

For other places where to park, look at the interactive campus map and search for the blue, red, or yellows cars icons. (For further questions related to parking please contact the Parking Department.)

The Math Office is in 405 and the number is 864-3651.

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