Undergraduate Research Awards in Mathematics

Undergraduate Research Awards in Mathematics (MathUGRAs) are $1,000 scholarships provided to undergraduate students pursuing original research or creative projects under the general guidance of a KU math faculty member. Each MathUGRA proposal must be sponsored by a KU Math faculty member who has read and approved the proposal and who agrees to act as the faculty advisor and mentor and to help ensure the completion of the project. MathUGRAs are awarded to students conducting semester-long independent projects that constitute work that is original and substantive given the standards and objectives of Mathematics. (The MathUGRAs are not intended, for example, to support trips to workshops or the like; something new should be discovered or created). Aside from recognizing student accomplishments, the MathUGRA competition provides an incentive for students to improve their writing and to gain a deeper knowledge of mathematics.


Students with a declared math major or minor (either BS or BA) are eligible to apply. To be eligible you must be a degree-seeking undergraduate student when you receive the award.  Students receiving fall or spring awards must be enrolled full-time during the award period.

First generation college students and students from underrepresented groups are strongly urged to apply.

Award Dispersal:

You will receive your MathUGRA scholarship through the Financial Aid distribution process. If you owe KU for any charges (e.g. tuition, required campus fees, etc.), this financial aid will be applied towards the amount due.  If a credit balance is created within your account, the credit balance will be refunded to you. You will receive your check via direct deposit if signed up for this in Enroll & Pay. Otherwise, the Bursar’s Office will mail you a check. Students receiving need-based financial aid, such as loans, should be aware that this scholarship may alter your loan or other aid amounts. If you have questions about how this award may affect your Financial Aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office and ask to speak with your Financial Aid Counselor, 785-864-4700.


For Fall awards: April 3. Applications will be accepted between March 15-April 3.

For Spring awards: October 25.  Applications will be accepted between October 1-October 25.

Selection Criteria:

MathUGRAs are scholarships awarded on the merit of the applicant's proposal (one to two page description of project) as judged by the Mathematics Department's upper division of the undergraduate studies committee, the applicant's preparation (including past grades and courses taken), and a recommendation from a faculty member who is familiar with the applicant and will mentor the proposed project. Applicants will be informed of award decisions by the end of the semester.

The selection committee may use the KU Undergraduate Research Award Evaluation Rubric Research projects as a guideline.


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