Graduate Student Seminar

This page is for information pertinent specifically to the graduate student seminar, which meets on Fridays from noon-1:00 in 456 Snow. Information about other seminars can be found at the department Seminars & Colloquia page.

Spring 2020

Date Presenter Title
5/8/2020 Justin Lyle, Hamid Mofidi and Wesley Perkins Preparing for and Applying in Today's Job Market
2/28/2020 Trevor Arrigoni A quick introduction to p-adic numbers
2/7/2020   Organizational Meeting

Past Seminars

Fall 2019

Date Presenter Title
12/6/2019 Souvik Dey On the number of defining equations of algebraic sets
11/22/2019 John Mangles Models in Quantum Chemistry, and Electron Energy Approximations​
11/15/2019 Mark Embree Demystifying the Professional CV​​
11/1/2019 Ryan Frier Strichartz Inequality​
10/25/2019 Jonathan Rosofsky Hamiltonian graphs and the four color theorem
10/18/2019 Jaron Williams Semiclassically modeling Hydrogen at Rydberg states immersed in electromagnetic fields
10/11/2019 Debjit Basu Resolution of Singularities
10/4/2019 Trevor Arrigoni Infinite Chomp: A Finite Game?​
9/27/2019 Tommy Stoller Global Stability Analysis of Disease Models
9/20/2019 Raul Bolanos Mathematical Olympiad Treasures
9/13/2019   Organizational Meeting

Spring 2019

Date Presenter Title
5/3/2019 Wesley Perkins Existence of Periodic Traveling Waves for the Coduit Equation
4/19/2019 Souvik Dey Polynomial methods in Combinatorics
4/12/2019 Raul Bolanos Guerrero Fun with cylinders, cones, surfaces of revolution and Lagrange multipliers
4/5/2019 Agnieszka Miedlar How to build a professional website?
3/29/2019 Trevor Arrigoni A Survey on the Structure of Inverse Semigroups
3/22/2019 Qiang Shi Teaching University Interview Preparation
3/1/2019 Jonathan Rosofsky Tilings in the Euclidean and Hyperbolic Planes
2/22/2019 Cody Charles Social Justice 101
2/1/2019   Organizational Meeting

Fall 2018

Date Presenter Title
11/30/2018 Dylan Beck Equidecomposable Sets and the Banach-Tarski Paradox
11/16/2018 Bibekananda Mishra Can you differentiate between cupcakes and donuts?
11/9/2018 Ben Gershon Coding Theory with Linear and Cyclic Codes
11/2/2018 Tommy Stoller Exploring optimal stopping through the secretary problem
10/26/2018 Emma Christensen Fun with Minkowski Sums
10/5/2018 Ryan Frier The History of Compactness
9/21/2018 Lucian Grand Sums of Powers of Integers
9/7/2018   Organizational Meeting

Spring 2018

Date Presenter Title
4/27/2018 Justin Lyle Fun with Free Resolutions
4/20/2018 Lucian Grand Up in Smoke: Dhar's Burning Algorithm on Trees
4/13/2018 Professional Development Workshop  
4/6/2018 Lisa Langland Wanna Play a Game: an Introduction into Combinatoric Game Theory
3/30/2018 Tommy Stoller Exploring the Central Limit Theorem
3/9/2018 Abba Ramadan Existence of Traveling Waves for a Class of Nonlocal Nonlinear Equations with Bell Shaped Kernels​
3/2/2018 Professional Development Workshop  
2/23/2018 Dylan Beck Ethics in Mathematics: a Brief History of Mathematical Proofs
2/9/2018 Sefika Kuzgun Different proofs of infinitude of primes
2/2/2018 Lucian Grand Exploring the function sinx/x
1/26/2018 Organizational Meeting

Fall 2017

Date Presenter Title
12/1/2017 Emma Christensen Pattern Avoidance in Set Partitions
11/17/2017 Jonatan Barreiro Bastos Generating Functions
11/10/2017 Kevin Marshall Fun with Catalan Numbers
11/3/2017 John Mangles Security Questions for a Device Independent Quantum Key Distribution​
10/27/2017 Ryan Frier Wavelet-Based Acoustic Classification of Bird Species
9/29/2017 Cassidy Krause Remote Image Sensing Classification
9/1/2017 Organizational Meeting

Spring 2017

Date Presenter Title
4/21/2017 Justin Lyle Categorical Constructions: A Beginner's Guide to Abstract Nonsense
4/14/2017 Nick Oderio An Introduction to Sabermetrics
4/7/2017 Wesley Perkins How to Avoid a Circle of Zero Radius
3/10/2017 Bennet Goeckner What's Up with Up Words?
3/3/2017 Tommy Gebhardt Understanding Ultimate: Numerical Modeling and Optimization
in Sports Analytics
2/24/2017 Harry Gaebler A Little Bit About Semigroups
2/10/2017 Arturo Jaramillo Gil A Geometric View of Interest Rate Theory
1/20/2017 Organizational Meeting

Fall 2016

Date Presenter Title
11/11/2016 Amanda Wilkens Bernoulli Shifts over Free Groups
11/4/2016 Cassidy Krause Assimilating the Data on Data Assimilation
10/28/2016 Dylan Beck A Glimpse at Paradoxical Decompositions and the Banach-Tarski Paradox
10/21/2016 Ken Duna Fun with Parking Functions and Hyperplane Arrangements
10/14/2016 Satbir Malhi Asymptotic and Polynomial Decay of C_0-Semigroups
9/30/2016 Arturo Jaramillo Gil The Five Natural Notions of Independence
9/23/2016 Deba Raychaudhury An Introduction to Number Theory
9/9/2016 Organizational Meeting

Spring 2016

Date Presenter Title
4/29/2016 Bhargob Saikia Some Basic Results in Ergodic Theory
4/22/2016 Jayan Mukherjee Grassmannian Variety
4/15/2016 Amanda Wilkens A Geometric and Algebraic Investigation of the Lamplighter Group
4/8/2016 Avary Kolasinski Fun with Matrix Derivatives
4/1/2016 Peter Lewis A Probabilistic Proof of the Weierstrass Approximation Theorem
3/11/2016 Kyle Claassen Irrationality of Pi and Convergence of Series
2/26/2016 Bennet Goeckner Fun with Catalan Numbers
2/12/2016 Ken Duna Infinite Fun with Representations of Finite Groups

Fall 2015

Date Presenter Title
10/23/2015 Andrew Steyer Asymptotic Stability of Numerical Methods for Solving Initial Value Differential Equations
9/25/2015 Peter Lewis A Fun Probability Problem with Almost No Probability
9/11/2015 Joseph Doolittle Organizational Meeting; Restrictions on the range of the covariances of three Bernoulli variables

Spring 2015

Date Presenter Title
4/10/2015 Leonard Huang Hilbert's Third Problem and the Dehn Invariant
3/27/2015 John Reynolds Sequences, Filters and Convergence Spaces
3/6/2015 Cody Clifton Introduction to PageRank
2/20/2015 Kevin Adams Kernels and Digraphs
2/6/2015 Billy Sanders Fun with Linear Algebra

Fall 2014

Date Presenter Title
11/21/2014 Kyle Claassen A Nonrigorous Exploration of Fractional Calculus
11/7/2014 Bennet Goeckner Shelling Simplicial Complexes
10/31/2014 Lucas Chaffee The Basics of the Fourier Transform
10/24/2014 Nitin Aggarwal An Intuitive Introduction to Shieves
10/17/2014 Billy Sanders An Intuitive Introduction to Derived Categories
10/3/2014 Ken Duna An Introduction to Stanley-Reisner Rings and Simplicial Complexes
9/26/2014 Andrew Steyer Numerical Differentiation: Practical and Theoretical Aspects
9/19/2014 John Reynolds Ramsey Theory and Weakly Compact Cardinals
9/5/2014 Organizational meeting

Fall 2013

Date Presenter Title
11/22/2013 Nicholas Ma Character Classification by Supervised Machine Learning
11/8/2013 Avary Kolasinski Fun with Applications of Math
10/25/2013 Connor Smith The Hausdorff Dimension of the Cantor Set
10/11/2013 Luke Eichelberger Voting Systems and Arrow's Impossibility Theorem
10/4/2013 Bryan Harris Brief intro to Non-Euclidian Geometry
9/13/2013 Ken Duna Toeplicity of Products of Composition Operators and Their Adjoints

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