Set Theory


Axiomatic set theory; transfinite induction; regularity and choice; ordinal and cardinal arithmetic; miscellaneous additional topics.


Introduction to Set Theory, Hrbacek and Jech, CRC Press, 3rd Edition, 1999.


MATH 765 or MATH 791 or concurrent enrollment in MATH 765 or MATH 791, or equivalent evidence of mathematical maturity.

Credit Hours: 


  Pairs, relations, and functions
  Partial orders
  Introduction to logic
  Axioms of set theory
  Axiom of choice
  More on cardinals
  Set theoretic hierarchy
  Advanced topics chosen from the following:
     Filters and ideals
     Ramsey theory
     Delta-system lemma
     Clubs and Diamond
(Porter 2020)
Even Fall Semesters Only

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