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Complex Variables and Applications


Analytic functions of a complex variable, infinite series in the complex plane, theory of residues, conformal mapping and applications.


Complex Analysis for Mathematics and Engineering, Mathews and Howell, 6th edition, Jones & Bartlett.


MATH 127 or MATH 147 or MATH 223 or MATH 243.

Credit Hours: 

Topics from the following chapters:

  1. Complex Numbers
  2. Complex functions
  3. Analytic and Harmonic Functions
  4. Sequences, Julia and Mandelbrot Sets, and Power Series
  5. Elementary Functions
  6. Complex Integration
  7. Taylor and Laurent Series
  8. Residues Theory
  9. Conformal Mapping

Individual projects in applications selected from the remaining chapters in the textbook.

(Gavosto 2016 )

Every Fall Semester

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