Advice from Students and Alumni

  • "Take Math 500 before taking many of the upper-level courses." 
  • "Connect with one really good prof early on and maintain the relationship."
  • "It's a good program with interesting students, GTAs and professors."
  • "I think it is an excellent department with good instructors."
  • "Go for it, if you're up to the challenge."
  • "Plan your applied concentration early to meet all required prerequisites!"
  • "Math 500 and Math 558 are challenging."
  • "There are a lot of talented instructors who generally help you learn."
  • "Get to the higher level courses quickly; they're very good."
  • "Establish yourself early in the program, and things fall into place. The earlier classes set the pace."
  • "It is a very good program, allowing the student to focus on areas of interest as well as requirements."
  • "Get involved with the department in any way you can."
  • "It is a very difficult but good learning experience and each class can help you with another. You learn great problem-solving skills and things you never knew involved math."

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Using Math

Math and COVID-19: Sources on how math is being used to track the virus and its spread.  AMS link.

A mathematician-musician's breakthrough melds East, West. Read more.

Researcher's innovative approach to flood mapping support emergency management and water officials. Read more.

Nicole Johnson found a way to express her baton twirling using math. See video.