Mathematics Course Descriptions

Course Title
002MATH 002 Intermediate Mathematics
101MATH 101 College Algebra
103MATH 103 Trigonometry
104MATH 104 Precalculus Mathematics
105MATH 105 Introduction to Topics in Mathematics
109MATH 109 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I
110MATH 110 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers II
115MATH 115 Calculus I
116MATH 116 Calculus II
125MATH 125 Calculus I
126MATH 126 Calculus II
127MATH 127 Calculus III
145MATH 145 Calculus I (Honors)
146MATH 146 Calculus II (Honors)
147MATH 147 Calculus III (Honors)
220MATH 220 Applied Differential Equations
221MATH 221 Applied Differential Equations (Honors)
290MATH 290 Elementary Linear Algebra
291MATH 291 Linear Algebra (Honors)
320MATH 320 Elementary Differential Equations
365MATH 365 Elementary Statistics
409MATH 409 Topics in Mathematics for Secondary and Middle School Teachers
410MATH 410 Topics in History of Mathematics for Secondary and Middle School Teachers
450MATH 450 Discrete Mathematics
500MATH 500 Intermediate Analysis
526MATH 526 Applied Mathematical Statistics I
540MATH 540 Elementary Number Theory
558MATH 558 Introductory Modern Algebra
559MATH 559 Modern Geometries
581MATH 581 Numerical Methods
590MATH 590 Linear Algebra
591MATH 591 Linear Algebra II
601MATH 601 Algebraic Coding Theory
605MATH 605 Applied Regression Analysis
611MATH 611 Fourier Analysis of Time Series
624MATH 624 Discrete Probability
627MATH 627 Probability
628MATH 628 Mathematical Theory of Statistics
630MATH 630 Actuarial Mathematics
646MATH 646 Complex Variables and Applications
647MATH 647 Applied Partial Differential Equations
648MATH 648 Calculus of Variations and Integral Equations
650MATH 650 Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
660MATH 660 Geometry I
661MATH 661 Geometry II
724MATH 724 Combinatorial Mathematics
725MATH 725 Graph Theory
727MATH 727 Probability Theory
728MATH 728 Statistical Theory
750MATH 750 Stochastic Adaptive Control
765MATH 765 Introductn to the Theory of Functions I
766MATH 766 Introduction to the Theory of Functions II
781MATH 781 Numerical Analysis I
782MATH 782 Numerical Analysis II
783MATH 783 Applied Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
790MATH 790 Linear Algebra II
791MATH 791 Modern Algebra I
800MATH 800 Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable I
802MATH 802 Set Theory
810MATH 810 Theory of Functions of a Real Variable I
811MATH 811 Theory of Functions of a Real Variable II
820MATH 820 Introduction to Topology
821MATH 821 Algebraic Topology
824MATH 824 Algebraic Combinatorics
830MATH 830 Abstract Algebra
831MATH 831 Abstract Algebra II
840MATH 840 Differentiable Manifolds
850MATH 850 Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
851MATH 851 Topics in Dynamical Systems
865MATH 865 Introduction to Stochastic Processes
866MATH 866 Stochastic Processes II
881MATH 881 Advanced Numerical Linear Algebra
882MATH 882 Advanced Numerical Differential Equations
890MATH 890 Fourier Analysis
910MATH 910 Algebraic Curves
915MATH 915 Homological Algebra
920MATH 920 Lie Groups and Lie Algebras
950MATH 950 Partial Differential Equations
951MATH 951 Advanced Partial Differential Equations II
960MATH 960 Functional Analysis
961MATH 961 Functional Analysis
970MATH 970 Analytic K-Theory
996MATH 996 Special Topics (Fall 2018): Hilbert Schemes

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