Math 002

Any student whose Math ACT score is below 22 is placed in Math 002. KU does not offer a mathematics course below the level of Math 002. If your Math ACT score is below 16 or if it has been more than two years since your last algebra course, you are encouraged to prepare by self-study or enrollment in a beginning algebra course at a high school or community college.

Math 101

The prerequisite for Math 101 is two years of high school algebra and a minimum Math ACT score of 22. Successful completion of Math 002 or its equivalent, or a passing score on the Placement Exam is also acceptable. Students who do not meet these prerequisites will not be permitted to enroll in this class.


If you question your placement, the Mathematics Department offers a placement exam. Consult the Department office in Snow 405, or the Mathematics Placement Exam Schedule online for further information.

Are 'Incompletes' given in the course?

You must see the KAP Director to be considered for an Incomplete. A request for an Incomplete will be considered only after the last day of the second drop period. Consult the CLAS SAS website for more information on Incomplete grades.

Dropping a class

Any questions about dropping the course should be referred to the KAP office and/or the KAP Director. The dates for each period can be found in the University Academic Calendar for the semester and on the KAP website.

Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are not permitted to drop within the first 20 days of class per the Early and Continuous Enrollment in English and Math policy, unless they have already completed the course successfully.

Changing Sections

Any student may add, drop, or change a section during the official add/drop period (consult the University Academic Calendar) as long as there is space available. It is the student's responsibility to transfer any homework scores to the appropriate Discussion Leader.

Adding a class after the open add/drop period requires Instructor approval and signature. For students in Math 002 and Math 101, the Instructor is the KAP Director. Bring the form to the KAP office in Strong 323 to discuss your options.

Events Calendar

Using Math

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A mathematician-musician's breakthrough melds East, West. Read more.

Researcher's innovative approach to flood mapping support emergency management and water officials. Read more.

Nicole Johnson found a way to express her baton twirling using math. See video.